About Us
In this journey that we embarked on in July 2011 with the slogan "Happy Customers, Smiling Faces", our biggest goal has always been to make our customers happy and to welcome them and send them off with a smiling face. We have used every customer who leaves our stores as our reference. Our biggest concern is not being able to satisfy our guests, so we work harder every day to improve the quality of service we provide. Providing corporate service while maintaining sincerity with our "Corporate Tradesman" identity is one of our most valuable principles. At the same time, as the GARANJ family, we regularly evaluate the complaints and suggestions of our valued guests and work on them. In our family, we employees have missions, not different titles. The only title of every person you see under the umbrella of GARANJ is "Satisfaction Representative". Therefore, every moment you are not satisfied is a loss for us. If you encounter situations that do not comply with these purposes, please contact us, we promise to forgive ourselves.